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Arnis, is a popular soft style martial art from the Philippines. Students practice Arnis with one or two 26 inch rattan stick. The other primary weapons of Arnis are the open hand, short sword and dagger, long bo, and long sword.


Arnis is taught monthly in our regular classes. In addition, there are monthly Arnis Seminars and a weekly Arnis-only Class.



Because the Philippines consists of seven major islands and over a thousand minor islands, and because no organized martial art existed for many years, the names of the routines and even the name of the martial art itself varies from region to region. Arnis is also known as Kali, Escrima, Arnis deMano, and Silat.


Remy Presas founded his own system called Modern Arnis. His goal was to take the old important and common techniques from all sources and organize them into one system. He began martial arts training at the age of six. He learned the 'espada y daga' style of Arnis from his Grandfather. He later went on to train under Rodolfo Moncal, Timoteo Varraga and Grandmaster Venancio Bacon. At the age of 14 he left home to pursue his interest in the martial arts and practiced all over the Philippines.


By developing new teaching techniques and with raw determination, Remy Presas was able to bring about renewed interest in an otherwise dying art. He toured the world as a Filipino diplomat and an expert in Arnis, promoting the countries sport and culture. Due to a change in the Philippine Government, Remy Presas was forbidden to teach Arnis. Now unable to teach his beloved Arnis in his own country he moved to the United States of America so that he could continue to teach. He wasted little time in spreading his art in the States as he had in the Philippines.

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